I really enjoyed my time working at SparkFun Electronics, learning tons about embedded electronics, open source hardware and software, UAVs, Arduino, programming and the DIY electronics community. I will miss working in an office with arcade buttons on the front desk, a tweeting kegerator, automated nerf gun with an infrared trip-wire, LED Tetris board, a Giant GPS wall clock, and has a dog to person ratio of about 1:7. Most of all I will miss all the great people still working there and hope to collaborate with them again in the future.

SparkFun definitely lived up to it's name by sparking my interest in electronic prototyping, open source hardware & software, and most importantly the confidence to believe I can make anything I dream up.

My only regret is that I was hired to be a photographer/videographer instead of a job that allowed me work full-time creating electronic and/or software projects.

I'm now hoping to find a career that allows me to actively work on creative human-computer interfaces that push the limits of what people thought was possible.


08/04/2010 15:38

Wishing you the best.


08/04/2010 19:24

It'll never be the same without ya but wishing you the best in finding something that really excites you!!!

04/26/2012 21:40

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